Know What to Ask Movers During the Interview

Know What to Ask Movers During the Interview  

4 Questions to Ask a Mover Before Hiring Them

Moving to a new home means making a lot of decisions within a short period. From picking the right materials to choosing the right date, the number of tasks can become overwhelming. One of the most important decisions also happens to be the hardest: choosing the right mover that fits your needs. With numerous companies located in the country, there’s no shortage of contractors vying for your business. It’s important to ask the right questions before hiring one for the job. Below are 4 of the questions you can ask!

How do you calculate the costs of the move?

To understand your moving expenses, you must ask each company how they calculate their pricing structure. Other moving companies charge by the weight loaded onto the truck and the distance, while others charge by the size of their team and hour. On top of that, others can charge by combining the two factors. Determining how each company charges will help you plan when packing up your home.

When will my furniture and belongings arrive?

For long-distance moves, the timing depends on different factors, including the size of your belongings, the distance between your homes, and the time of year. Your mover will provide you with a range of dates, called a delivery window, until they can narrow down the exact date – usually within 24-48 hours before your arrival. Local deliveries will arrive on the same day.

What additional moving services do you offer?

Make sure to ask about the additional moving services offered by the company to help you make the process much easier. Other common additional services include storage if your new place isn’t ready for occupancy, disassembly, and reassembly of furniture, shuttle services if the large moving truck can’t access your home and a smaller one is needed, and packing and unpacking.

What transit protection plans do you provide?

No matter cautious you try to be, accidental loss and damage can still occur during your relocation. Make sure to learn about the valuation options and pick the plan that covers all your needs if something happens. It’s always wise to spend on full value protection to give you peace of mind knowing that your belongings are protected.

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